Come to the Liangjiang New Area to see the show on the weekend! The last two days of the National Craft Fair are still there!

Xiaomei Jiang

1 hour ago

I do n’t know where to check in on a cloudy day? The Chongqing International Expo Center is too beautiful!

1 hour ago

On March 21,

The 54th National Craft Fair

At Yuelai in Liangjiang New District

Chongqing International Expo Center officially opened!

Among them, the arts and crafts exhibition area will continue until this Sunday,

The simulation plant exhibition area and the wedding beauty exhibition area will continue until this Saturday.

This weekend, I will have three or five friends

Let's swim in the world of art together!

On the first day of the opening ceremony,

Xiaomei Jiang has been exploring for you,

The 54th National Craft Fair

The conference was hosted by the China Arts and Crafts Association, co-organized by the Chongqing Arts and Crafts Association and the Arts and Crafts Associations of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and supported by the Chongqing Economic and Information Commission. The purpose of the conference is to show the industry's new technology, new materials, new products and new images, promote industry exchanges, promote the import and export transactions of various exhibited categories, joint research and development operations, and agency cooperation to help the industry develop.

Exhibition area : The current trade fair is divided into three exhibition areas : arts and crafts, artificial plants, and wedding beauty.

Scale : The exhibition area is nearly 80,000 square meters, with about 3,500 booths, and more than 1,000 exhibition categories.

Exhibits : The fair brings together thousands of companies from 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country to participate in the exhibition. The exhibits include traditional arts and crafts, innovative arts and crafts and contemporary design of arts and crafts.

Arts and Crafts Exhibition Area

Hall N4 3.21-3.24

Cloisonne in Beijing, Hetian Jade in Xinjiang,

Root carvings in Guangxi, puppets in Anhui,

Jingdezhen Ceramics in Jiangxi ...

In Chongqing International Expo Center Hall N4,

More than 500 booths

Pottery, jade, embroidery, bamboo carving, etc.

Visitors can feast on the exquisite local products.

There are a lot of jade jewelry,

The ceramic lacquer is colorful.

Pieces of art in solitary style

Dizzying and lingering.

Chongqing Exhibition Area in Hall N4

Become the highlight of the arts and crafts exhibition area,

Chongqing Arts and Crafts Association actively organized

Enterprises in Chongqing Arts and Crafts Industry

Approximately 40 booths appeared in the exhibition,

The exhibits include Dazu Stone Carvings, Rongchang Xiabu, etc.

Various arts and crafts categories in Chongqing.

Come and enjoy yourself in a wave of Meitu!

Simulation plant exhibition area

N1, N3, N5, N7, N8, 3.21-3.23

Artificial plants and flowers are made of highly simulated materials.

Designed and made,

Convenient for people's life aesthetics,

It also changes the beautiful combination of home and living environment.

About 2,000 booths.

In addition to imitations of various flowers,

There are also simulated leaves, simulated branches,

Simulation weeds, simulation trees up to several meters,

There are quaint rockeries,

As well as the construction of various themed simulation scenarios,

Reshape life from an artistic perspective.

Wedding Beauty Chen Exhibition Area

N2, 3.21-3.23

Wedding beauty Chen art is a modern emerging art form,

It becomes more and more indispensable in people's life and work.

His works are mainly based on materials, shapes, and colors.

Three aspects to reflect the concept of art design,

For the wedding industry or newcomers who need wedding banquets,

展区 The exhibition area of about 400 booths

Can give you a lot of inspiration.

In the wedding beauty Chen exhibition area,

Wedding props, festive items, beauty items

Waiting for more than 200 companies to attend the exhibition,

It can fully meet the one-stop procurement needs of wedding enterprises.

Xiaomei Jiang discovered that this is also the National Industrial Products Fair

Log in Chongqing again after 12 years!

As the only municipality in western China,

Chongqing has a long history and many traditional crafts.

It has about 160 indigenous intangible cultural heritage.

Among them, Shu embroidery and summer cloth weaving skills,

Liang Ping bamboo curtain making skills,

Rongchang pottery making skills and folding fan making skills, etc.

8 national intangible cultural heritages selected for 2018

"The First Batch of National Traditional Craft Revitalization Catalogues".

Xiaomei Jiang once again reminds everyone warmly,

I have a friend to come to Liangjiang New District Yuelai this weekend.

Exquisite handicrafts are waiting for you to come to Jianbao!

And craft masters will teach you to make exquisite works of art!