These specialties can't be missed in Nepal

Nepali Army Knife

Speaking of Nepal, the first thing everyone may think of is the Nepali Army Knife!

The Nibor Sabre, also known as the Nepal Scimitar, is more precisely the Gurkha Scimitar. Its wonderful story and legend accompanied by bravery.


Bottles and cans and containers made of red copper and yellow steel are calculated by weight. Buddha statues or various Hindu deities made of red copper or yellow steel are not antiques, they are all semi-industrial products, copper animals made of honeysuckle or ashtrays with nickel and small colored stones, The blushing and heartbeating reproduction of the sex sculpture are all distinctive.

Bronze streets next to Patan Durbar Square are the most expensive to buy such copper utensils. In addition to considering the price when buying, you should also check the weight so as not to bring it back.


Nepali masks are mostly shaped by Hindu deities. The masks are made of wood, bronze, clay, and other materials. Another mask, which is decorated with a turtle shell and silver, is currently rare because it is expensive.

A unique cross-religious ideal exists in Nepal, which is composed of many ethnic groups and lives in remote mountains. The indigenous peoples living there believe that traditional shamanism can protect them from diseases and natural disasters, so they formed tribal masks. Tradition.

Later historical reasons led to the replacement of Shamanism by Hinduism and Buddhism, and the mask culture of Nepal changed accordingly, and many wooden carving masks of Hindu deities and Buddhist idols gradually appeared. All in all, the Nepalese mask is indisputably the cultural testimony left by the early life of the ancestors of Nepal. With the inheritance of this traditional art, the Nepalese woodcarving mask culture has been widely concerned and loved by international friends.


Nepal has a variety of food spices. These spices are made from natural plants. Although not all are suitable, but if you like it, you can buy it and cook it according to your own style. The taste is aromatic and special.

They can be bought at traditional markets in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bad Gadgang. There are many styles. If you do n’t know how to choose, you can directly buy packaged spices, and you can know whether it is a meat or vegetable spice by looking at the picture.


There are many types of Nepalese handicrafts, weird and cheap, but the quality varies. There are mainly inlaid jewelry boxes, wood carvings, T-shirts with embroidered Buddha eyes, "Sha Lingji" ukulele, Nepali hats, masks and so on.

Where there are tourists, there are street vendors who sell you handicrafts. Businessmen are waiting on the temple steps. Cheap goods, antiques, souvenirs are everywhere.


Silverware is very popular in Nepal, such as jewelry or furnishings. Silver jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets made in Nepal are popular all over the world.

Some of the more expensive and delicate jewelry silverware may be purchased in Patan and Bhaktapur, because the goods and prices in these two places are more satisfactory than Kathmandu.


Thang-ga, also called Tangga, is a transliteration of Tibetan, referring to religious scroll paintings that are enshrined in colored satin. Thangka is a unique painting art form in Tibetan culture. Most people regard Thangka as an advanced art mastered by Buddhist monks and advanced theological intellectuals.

Nepalese people believe that Thangka painting originated in Nepal. It was introduced into Tibet in the 7th century when Master Lianhuasheng entered Tibet. Later, it affected the local Thangka painting in Nepal. Can confirm each other.

King Kong Bodhi

King Kong Bodhi in Nepal is one of the most popular bodhi seeds for Chinese culture lovers.

Water chestnut bodhi

Phoenix-eyed bodhi is also one of the bodhi seeds favored by domestic enthusiasts. Do n’t miss it.

Nepal Black Tea

Most of the black tea sold in Nepal is Indian Darjeeling black tea and Assam black tea. Some black teas are packaged in elegant wooden boxes, while others are placed in a vest bag full of folk customs.

Buying this kind of black tea gift is very suitable, because in addition to the aroma of Pinyin black tea, the small bag can also be used as a purse. There are black tea stores near the three Durbar Squares in Kathmandu, as well as grocery stores in the Thamel area, which are cheaper.

Nepal wood carving

Nepal ’s architecture or people ’s livelihood is always inseparable from wood carving. Whether it is a royal building or the home of ordinary people, whether it is architectural decoration or small pieces of wood carving, the fineness and scope of Nepal wood carving are believed to be rare in the world. Extending to modern times, there are many woodcarving craftsmen who continue this traditional craft.