1059 Micro Records [Big coffees from all walks of life appear one after another] The grand opening of the 2019 Yantai International Art Fair and Jewelry and Jade Exhibition

3月22日烟台国际博览中心盛大开幕。 The 2019 Yantai International Art Fair & Jewellery & Gem Fair was grandly opened at the Yantai International Expo Center on March 22 . For the four-day exhibition, Hong Kong city residents will be exposed to tens of thousands of treasures brought by nearly 1,000 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions. Next, follow the editor to watch the grand development of yesterday!

△ Zhu Longying

Yantai Radio Beauty hosted the live broadcast

Yantai Internet anchor is here ...

Yantai TV's Ace News Show Live Interview


△ Citizens line up in order to enter at 9:30 am (Photo by Sun Jinzhong)

This art fair (2019) gathered

From Australia, Pakistan,

Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal

Waiting for 30 countries and regions

Nearly a thousand exhibitors,

Works by hundreds of artists,

A world-class art feast!

△ Photo by Wang Zhongqiang

Part 1

Jewelry jade

Part 2

Mingshantang mahogany

Photo by Wang Zhongqiang

Stepping into the central lobby, the first thing that appeared in the field of vision was the Mingshantang mahogany furniture from Xianyou, Fujian. At this exhibition, Mingshan Hall brought many precious mahogany to Hong Kong city residents.

"This time we brought rare rosewood from Laos, rosewood from Hainan, Vietnam, rosewood from India, and other precious mahogany furniture made by the master." Mingshantang mahogany furniture director said that all are collectible and authentic.

▲ High-grade mahogany sofa and coffee table (photo by Shi Liping)

▲ A round rosewood dining table that can accommodate more than ten people

All the exhibited products are exquisite in craftsmanship, and the details are fully polished. The atmospheric appearance and high-grade quality attracted enthusiastic citizens.

Part 3

Ting Hui Jade Carving

The pavilion of Tinghui from Liaoning is located in the jewelry exhibition area of Hall B. The booth displays smooth and colorful jade carvings with different shapes. Each piece is carefully carved and ingenious, attracting many people to watch.

▲ Climbing Tower

The jade sculpture "Climbing the Bird Tower" perfectly reproduces the "Stork Tower" written by the great poet Wang Zhizheng. The building pavilion is exquisite in the details. Under the illumination of the spotlight, it becomes more and more dazzling. This work is a natural piece of jade. It was carefully carved by the jade carving master for more than 6 months. It is the treasure of the town hall this time.

Part 4

Summan Agarwood

△ Photo by Shi Liping

Shengmanbao Agarwood Museum mainly displays agarwood, pure copper hanging stoves and bronze cast Buddha statues. Before entering Shenxiang Museum, she has been attracted by the scent of fragrance; when she walks into the museum, the fragrance becomes richer and penetrates. The so-called "Qixiangjing has been around for several years" is a treasure in spices.

▲ Gold-plated bronze statue of Jizo (first from left)

According to President Xiangxiang Museum, there is a lot of complicated procedures for a bronze-casting artwork. At first, a clay sculpture prototype is made, then the clay sculpture is turned into a wax mold, and the local sculpture is sculpted for the second time on the wax model. The "lost wax method" is used to make hollow stencils for casting, heat metal materials such as copper into molten iron at high temperature, and then pour into the stencils. After grinding and polishing, please ask the monks to hide and pray for blessings.

Part 5


△ Photo by Sun Jinzhong

Zhenyi Hall from Nanjing is famous in the tooth carving circle. The unique mammoth tooth carving is exquisite, durable and precious. It is known as the "organic gem".

▲ Ivory is all-inclusive (photo by Wang Zhongqiang)

▲ List of various tooth carvings

▲ Weird Eagle Tooth Carving

Part 6

Zipao Yuzhuang

Photo by Wang Zhongqiang

Zipao Yuzhuang will be present at almost every art fair. This time, as always, it brings the precious purple robe jade art to the general public. Zipao jade is juxtaposed with Shoushan Stone, Tianhuang Stone, and Bloodstone, enjoying the reputation of "Four Great National Stones". It uses a calm purple as a carrier and meets green jade strips, accompanied by precious colors such as brown and yellow.

Part 7

Chinese Craft

China Crafts is the independent brand of China Crafts Group Co., Ltd. The local branch of Yantai came to this exhibition. "This is the third time we have come to participate in an art fair. The previous two sessions have been very satisfying, both in terms of traffic and product recognition!" Said Mr. Xing, a Chinese craftsman, told reporters with a smile.

▲ Porcelain Flower

Auspicious Ruyi is the most valuable porcelain brought to the exhibition by Chinese craftsmanship. It was created and fired by Chen Jintong, a master craftsman of Fujian Province. The entire work is proudly blooming with two peony flowers on top of Ruyi, giving people a rich and elegant, flamboyant and vibrant feeling. The amazing thing is that every lifelike petal is actually made of porcelain!

▲ Purple robe jade ornaments

Part 8

Wood carving

▲ Kowloon Opera Pearl Carving (Photo by Sun Jinzhong)

Jiasen woodcarvings from Xiamen City, Fujian Province brought extremely shocking woodcarving exhibits to this art fair-Jiulong Opera Pearl. This woodcarving work seems to have its own breath, relax and powerful, nine dragon heads take off and dance around the middle bead, showing the implication of the domineering and unity of the four seas.

▲ Vietnamese Pear Tea Tray (Photo by Sun Jinzhong)

▲ Laos yellow pear long table (2M * 7M)

Part 9

Tianyu Art

Bronze and bronze sculpture expert "Tianyu Art" brought the latest masterpieces to participate in the exhibition. Bronze art has become a highlight of the current art fair.

△ Photo by Shi Liping

△ Photo by Sun Jinzhong

Part 10

Treasure Hall

△ Photo by Shi Liping

The Zhentao Pavilion is from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. It is a ceramic art company composed of local ceramic masters. This is their sixth visit to the exhibition, bringing ceramic crafts and porcelain paintings.

△ Photo by Sun Jinzhong

You have no reason not to come to the show

Jewelry, tea, purple sand, ceramics, calligraphy and painting, handicrafts, mahogany furniture ... This is really an exhibition with everything you need. There are so many wonderful things in a circle. Not only are the exhibits wonderful, in order to reassure consumers in Hong Kong City, the Art Fair has a strict admission mechanism for exhibitors, and only regular well-known merchants can enter.

△ Photo by Zhu Longying

△ Photo by Sun Jinzhong

After reading these, what other reasons do you not want to visit, the exhibition will continue until March 25, hurry to invite friends and relatives, let's make an appointment!